The TNC2 is now at version 2.2

We continue to listen to feedback and improve the design of your favorite TNC.  The TNC2.2 has a custom injection-molded case, micro-USB for charging, exposed reset button, and many other improvements.

These design enhancements follow on from the original release of the TNC2 which improved on the original TNC1 design as noted below.  We have kept the same compact size, its feather weight, and incredible battery life.

Read the User Guide to learn more about how it works.  Join the Mobilinkd group on to share experiences and learn from other Mobilinkd users.

Schematics of the TNC2 are available from the download section.

More Flexible Power Control

Auto-on/auto-off based on the state of USB power.  Those running mobile will not have to worry about turning on the TNC when they get in their vehicle or powering it off when then get out.  Thanks go to Gavin M1BXF for the inspiration.

Increased Reliability

We removed the PTT slide switch on the side, opting to do the switching via software instead.  One less moving part to break.
We updated the PTT circuitry to use MOSFETs rather than a transistor, and updated the design so that it is much less likely to latch up.

Updated Bootloader

We’ve updated the bootloader to prevent the TNC from accidentally entering the bootloader on reboot and damaging the firmware.

And More…

There have been many more small changes to the TNC design that add up to more reliable operation.  Yet this is still the same basic design that allows hams to easily mock up the TNC on a breadboard, experiment with the open source firmware and software on their own, and even create their own custom cases.