APRS and packet radio for the Ham on the go!  This is a highly mobile Bluetooth-connected TNC for use with HTs and other mobile devices.  One cable connects this 1200 baud TNC to the radio.  Connect to your favorite software on your mobile device, such as APRSdroid or APRSISCE/32.  It will work with any packet software that speaks the KISS protocol.

The original TNC1 is sold out and discontinued.  See whats new and improved with the TNC2!


This tiny packet modem is battery powered and can run for 48 hours of continuous use.  And when the battery gets low, it has a built-in charger to recharge the battery in just a few hours.  It can also run continuously plugged in to a USB port for power.  It’s overall dimensions are about 40x75x12mm.

Best of all, the software running on the TNC is completely open source.  The board contains an ISP port to upload new firmware to the board.


  • 3.5mm TRRS Audio Connector
  • Mini-USB Charging Port
  • ISP for Hacking the Firmware
  • JST SH 3-pin Battery Connector


  • Momentary Contact On/Off switch
  • Slide switch to adjust PTT signaling (multiplexed on Mic or separate signal)


  • 1200mAh Li-Ion

Please see the User’s Guide for more detailed information.

8 thoughts on “TNC

  1. I’d love to order the but I need help with a cable. I have a baofeng UV5R that I want to use. Can you help me regarding a cable?
    If so I’ll be ordering right away

    Thank you,

  2. Hello Rob,
    I plan to run your TNC with a Kenwood Th-K20a.
    The specs show that vox is an option.
    I have aprsdroid loaded on a HTC EVO.
    Do you see any reason why this combination
    will not work?
    Thank you,
    John A.

    • Hi John,

      This TNC does not rely on VOX. It uses the PTT circuitry in the HT. We sell cables for Kenwood radios. The TNC does work with the TH-K20A.



  3. I have a Yaesu vx-6r with a ct-91 microphone adapter. Is there an additional cable required to be made or purchased to attach to my HT?

  4. I’m looking at aprs for bicycling. I use my Galaxy S4 for my cycling computer/GPS. How would this affect the battery life on the phone? Also, do you take paypal?

    • Hi Dave,

      In my experience, enabling GPS has the biggest impact on battery life. Since you are already using the phone’s GPS, battery life will be minimally impacted by APRSdroid and the Bluetooth connection. BT draws very little additional power when connected to a device.

      And we do accept PayPal.

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