The Mobilinkd Config App is available forAndroid on Google Play and for Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) from the App Store.

The latest TNC3 firmware version is 1.1.2. We recommend that all TNC3 owners update to this version.

There are 6 files, weighing 63.3 MiB with 720 hits in TNC3.

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» 5.0 MiB - 59 hits - February 3, 2019

Fix corrupted packets caused by SLIP encoding error. Reduce packet collisions by fixing CSMA handling defect.

Firmware update instructions.

» 5.0 MiB - 39 hits - January 31, 2019
Fix issue where short 17-byte packets were being dropped. This defect impacted Winlink users.

» 5.0 MiB - 45 hits - January 21, 2019
This decreases the latency over BLE connections. It noticeably improves responsiveness of the iOS Config App. (This update does little if you are not on iOS.)

TNC3 firmware update instructions.

» 598.1 KiB - 98 hits - January 19, 2019
Schematic diagram for the Mobilinkd TNC3 PCB.

» 46.6 MiB - 86 hits - January 16, 2019
Video showing Mobilinkd TNC Config app on iOS device.

» 1.1 MiB - 393 hits - January 13, 2019
This is the User Guide for the Mobilinkd TNC3.



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  1. Could you give some directions on how to install ver 3.49 of the firmware? Thanks.


    • The easiest is to use the firmware upload feature in the Android configuration app. Install the Mobilinkd app from Google Play. Make sure the TNC is paired to the Android device. Then just download the firmware file from this site using your Android device. The app will detect the firmware and walk you through the firmware upload process.

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