The Mobilinkd Config App is available forAndroid on Google Play and for Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) from the App Store.

The latest TNC3 firmware version is 2.01. We recommend that all TNC3 owners update to this version. It adds support for 9600 baud operation.

The latest TNC4 firmware version is 2.5.10. We recommend that all TNC4 owners update to this version. It fixes a problem with USB-C charger detection, random crashes, and current consumption when powered off.

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» 27.3 MiB - 9,997 hits - January 19, 2015

Mobilinkd TNC configuration utility for Microsoft Windows. Use this programs to set output volume, monitor input volume and set all KISS parameters on computers running Microsoft Windows. The computer must have a Bluetooth interface in order to use this program.

This is only for the TNC2 -- it will not work with the TNC3.

Please use the iOS or Android config app rather than this program.



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  1. Could you give some directions on how to install ver 3.49 of the firmware? Thanks.


    • The easiest is to use the firmware upload feature in the Android configuration app. Install the Mobilinkd app from Google Play. Make sure the TNC is paired to the Android device. Then just download the firmware file from this site using your Android device. The app will detect the firmware and walk you through the firmware upload process.

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