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  1. I’m wondering if it has it’s own gps chip or is it using the android devices gps? Also how tall is it. I am looking to turn a vx3r into a personal aprs device for the great outdoors. If it has a gps chip, could it be configured with Linux and then just left to run? I also have a old bluetooth gps made for Palm devices. I wonder if I could connect it?

    Awesome device, looking forward to getting one.


    • Hi Kelley,

      No, this is a just a simple KISS TNC. It relies on the GPS and brains of a smartphone, tablet or computer. The TNC is about 75mmx35mmx10mm (3″x1.5″x3/8″). It is a little shorter and narrower than a Baofeng UV-3R, which I am told is a copy of the VX3R size-wise. The connections on the TNC are documented in the user guide.

      What it is designed to do and what it can do is only limited by one’s abilities. It uses the same MCU as an Arduino (and can easily be mocked up with an Arduino on a breadboard). The MCU can be reprogrammed over Bluetooth or via the exposed ISP pads. The Bluetooth module can operate as master or slave, so it could initiate a connection to a Bluetooth GPS module.


  2. Looks like a very nifty design, am looking forward to receiving mine. Will be fun to experiment with and to devise clever ways of packaging. Friendly price for a ham on a budget.


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